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Shingle roofing is the most common style of roofing and is coming in a variety of different colors, materials and styles. While may not as durable as some materials, customers choose shingle roofing as one of the most attractive options for roofing in today’s house market.

Shingle Roof Styles

Absolute Roofing of Southwest Florida aims to create a stylish roof that will match the style of the house as well as protect it from the Florida storms during rain and hurricane season. Available in diverse material as wood, slate, flagstone, cement, tar and other options, shingles can be made to fit almost any design element of your home or business, which is why it is covered by home and business owners alike.

Our team can assess your roofing needs and give you all of the available options in your price range for the different materials and styles of shingle roof.

Shingle Roof Replacement

Why you might need a roof replacement? Maybe because your roof isn’t holding up as well as it used to, and spot repairs just aren’t cutting it anymore. Whatever your reasons, Absolute Roofing of Southwest Florida offers top-notch shingle roof replacement services across Southwest Florida, completed from start to finish in 24-48 hours on average.

Replacing your roof may seem overwhelming to you right now, but it’s a good investment and you’ll appreciate the long term benefits. For homeowners, even a small amount of leaking can cause a tremendous amount of damage and stress. Getting a new and professionally installed shingle roofing system on your home will provide peace of mind knowing that your home, your family, and all of the things that matter to you are protected. It can also dramatically improve the curb-appeal of your home.

Why our customers choose our services:

  • Our service is professional, friendly and fast.
  • You’ll get high quality craftsmanship in a quick timeline.
  • Our prices are reasonable,
  • We offer same-day appointments for assessments so if you need emergency service after a storm, you won’t have to wait to have a roofing expert from Absolute Roofing of Southwest Florida in to check out the roofing damage.

Shingle Roof Repair

For many Floridians, tornadoes and hurricane roof damage is a serious concern. Not only do you want your residential or commercial roof to looks great you want one that is secure enough to protect the people and the assets under it. Regular maintenance and annual shingle roof repair is a great way to prepare for the hurricane season common to Florida.

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