Your Roof Spring Cleaning Checklist

Apr 06, 2023

Spring cleaning is something homeowners look forward to – or dread – every year. But, regardless of your thoughts on the process, it’s something that must be done in order to maintain your home. What you may not realize is that the exterior components of your home require spring cleaning just like the interior components, especially your roof. If you’ve never done spring cleaning on your roof, you may be feeling unsure of where to start. Don’t worry, though. The experts at Absolute Roofing of Southwest Florida are here with the ultimate roof spring cleaning checklist so you can be sure no component goes untouched.

Roof Components to Check During Spring Cleaning

When it comes time to complete spring cleaning on your home’s roof, here are some areas you’ll want to pay good attention to:

  • Gutters – Start by cleaning the sludge and clogs out of your home’s gutters to keep them functioning flawlessly.
  • Trees – You’ll also want to trim back any trees that have the potential to cause damage to your roof.
  • Mold – Inspect your roof for mold growth. If you notice any, you’ll want to treat the area with a bleach solution to remove it.
  • Attic – Mold growth could also be present in your attic. Additionally, look out for water stains, which could indicate the need for a roof repair.
  • Shingles – Check your roof’s shingles for cracking or other damage. If you notice shingles are missing, you’ll likely need to have that area of your roof repaired.

Schedule Your Roof Inspection

One critical component of spring cleaning is ensuring that your home is in good working order for the year ahead. That’s why you should turn to Absolute Roofing of Southwest Florida for a professional roof inspection. Our local residential roofing company has been serving local homeowners since 1995, giving us unparalleled experience compared to other local roofers. To schedule your roof inspection, contact us today.