Whether you are in the market for a roof installation, or looking for ways to make your commercial structure more energy efficient, be sure to consider the benefits of energy efficient roofing. Installing the right roofing system can help preserve the environment while keeping your structure sheltered from the weather elements.

Benefits of energy efficient roofing:

  • Increase ecological sustainability factor, or make your house “greener” by:
  • Reducing your utility bills associated with air conditioning
  • Increasing occupant comfort and avoid installing an air conditioner where there isn’t already one
  • Decreasing the size and prolong the life of your air conditioning system
  • Lowering roof maintenance costs and extend roof life, avoiding re-roofing costs and reducing solid waste
  • Assist your home in meeting building codes
  • Mitigate your community’s Urban Heat Island Effect
  • Maintain aesthetics with a roof that performs and looks good
  • Receive utility rebates (in some locations)
  • Indirect benefits

How It Works

Energy savings roofs benefit from two properties known as emittance and reflectance. Reflectance is how a roofing material reflects the sun’s energy back into the atmosphere. It does not absorb the heat. An energy efficient roof is made from materials that provide superior emittance and reflectance values using cooling materials.

This roofing does provide homeowners with lower utility bills. When there is a decrease in the heat that is transferred into a home, an AC system will not have to work as hard. It has been estimated that savings can be as much as 15 percent. With the AC system able to work with less energy, a more comfortable temperature will be more easily maintained. This could also extend the life of a roof. Heat causes rapid degradation of a roof. The longer a roof lasts, the fewer times it will need new shingles and more.

Evaluating a Roof System’s Energy Efficiency

The roof system on your home or  building is one of the largest surfaces of the building. Because of this, the roof surface has a significant impact on the energy efficient operations of the building and building envelope. Building an energy efficient roof assembly is the first step towards establishing an energy efficient environment within the building envelope. Without an energy efficient roof, it is difficult to maintain a conditioned environment in the building.

Looking to make your home more efficient? Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also save a ton of money every month.

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